Resilient Success


Most of us have modified our interests to try and suit our friends, we have adopted things that we did not believe work for us, all this because of our friends, may i just say to someone, there is no secret and short cut to success. Success is straight forward no matter what you believe in, it may have looked like a short cut, but it has come from hard work and resilience, not giving up, most of our ideas and businesses suffer because we give up, we are not persuasive of what we believe in. In most cases we are pursuing other people’s interests that is why our own businesses or ideas do not work because we have modeled them to someone else’s. From today know that what you believe in is right and if there is an objection take it as an encouragement to believe more in your business/idea, that i call resilient success, that is what has made me to be what i am today i believe you have it too


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