Emblem of Peace


We are a subject of many attacks world over, our spirits are more than just inspired, they are more than resilient, it is just a matter of time that we are heard as a people marching on and screaming peace. We have been tortured, bruised, buttered and humiliated, as we have gone through this, peace has suffered far more than what we as a people have gone through, there is hope and there is victory at the end of this strong tough road, peace is a song that the masses sing, political recording studios do not want to record this song as they believe that it is not a malty-platinum hit. The emblem of peace is recorded by the people and this emblem is clearly visible to the politician, please do record with us this song as it is for the world, it is a song for peace and that is a song by the people.

Edwin Mathe in response to a BBC article on a deadly blast that hit the Pakistani Market 29/09/13


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