Adopted Peace


Most of the times there are no ways we can fight with forces that are seemingly greater than us, yet in this world full of possibilities we can at times, it is however that most of the fights are just simple to fight and we tend not to worry preparing for them. Politicians and governments have made a lot of battle fields and they may have won most of them, however the people’s choice have ever been the greatest defeat politicians ever have, the masses crave for peace. Politicians have failed to negotiate peace they have most of the times ignored the call for peace by the people, today the adoption of peace has been with the people, the people have adopted peace and there are resolutions that politicians and governments can not do without, that is the will of the people, no chemical weapon can change the adoption of peace, neither any religious insurgents can derail the force of adoption of peace.

Edwin Mathe in response to a BBC article on the UN adopting Syria chemical weapon resolution 28/09/13


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