Talking Peace


There is a powerful statement that is made by corporate people and this statement has been a subject of many politicians who have tried to sabotage the power of corporate voice. Peace has began to talk its own language, neither extremist forces against it/politicians that are sited around tables making and drafting laws that oppose peace can understand this language, it is however that the masses/the people understand it better as they are the inventors of such a language. We mourn the dead and we believe that the price that has been paid is a black mark to stain peace, however the case peace can not be stained and it can not be tamed, no matter how much of force an extremist/terrorist organisation tends to give itself, peace remains the powerful tool that the people have, they speak peace, people initiate it, they know it, therefore it is again the people that are on the table right now negotiating peace, new weapons of mass destruction invented or yet to be invented are never the power to destruct peace, the power of the people will speak volumes of peace and that time to do so is now.

Edwin Mathe in response to both BBC articles on first the President of Kenya’s declaration of a three day mourn for the lives lost during extremists attacks and Iran saying it is ready to discuss its nuclear weapons program 


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