Sympathetic Peace


We are a people and we are a nation/nations that thrive at all cost to be the best in life, no matter our differences politically, religiously and any other difference that may lead our cause for peace to be unjustifiable, we are still determined to make the peace road-map a reality. There is no doubt in the efforts that the masses make to negotiate peace, our strong governments/political leaders who may have veered of the peace road in the past, today recognize the need of solidarity with the masses to negotiate peace once and for all. Despite forces that fight against the power and the will of the people we will not get tired to negotiate in every means with the power of the masses we will win the fight against terror, yes there may be organisations that may think that the discomfort of peace may give them the right to terrorize peace, the masses will decide and at the end of it all the people will win, and there will not be any terrorism organisation that will be more powerful than the will of the people, peace is sympathetic at this time for lives that have been lost in the process of its negotiation, as a result it is assured that the masses will see peace just in a short while.

Edwin Mathe in response to a BBC article on the Kenyan forces in control of the Nairobi mall 24/09/13


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