Pressing Peace


At most times we are a generation that believe in what we we see, amazingly what we see becomes more harmful to us than what we do not want to see, our world today is full of surprises. Everything in today’s world is just so surprising, it is amazing how we just can not be bothered about important things that may help us to be a better people. Politicians have identified our weaknesses and they know now how to exploit them, they have taken our focus from the most valuable aspect of our lives, which is peace. Peace has been made not negotiable by the owners of it but deemed negotiable by those that are not fit to negotiate it, politicians have taken the people’s spotlight in the negotiating of peace, they have not pressed hard enough to make peace the best asset to negotiate, soon the people will realize that the dream to be pressed on is the asset of peace and in such a day the politician will loose hi/her spotlight and peace will reign and be pressed by the people.

Edwin Mathe in response to a BBC article on France to press Russia over the Syrian conflict 17/09/13


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