Dedicated Love


There are days when one feels this is not my day, there are days that are just so hard and one may think it is not just worth going out but staying indoors, sometimes staying in there is the biggest problem and the only solution is to get out there and make something of a day one may think is not worth it. Love at times is often like that, there are times when one feels burdened in their relationship, they feel like even though its nice to be seen in public as happy, there is a greater problem to be solved in ones heart than the face that shows happiness. There is the best way of overcoming such an emotion in love, dedicate your time to talking to one another, dedicate your time to knowing and learning each others language, there are times when ones language may sound very strong to another/their language may be misinterpreted, so dedication of time in love is the best key to a working and great relationship, be blessed and be a blessing


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