Challenged Love


Most of us think in our minds everyday that if there was a chance and we can have a relationship with either that guy on TV/Magazine, our lives and love life may be perfect. May i just be honest with you for a bit, there is no such thing as a perfect relationship, but we are the people to work on happiness ourselves to make our relationships work. There are times when one may feel like quitting a relationship they have, all because of challenges they face, love can face challenges but it does not mean that love is mean, you face challenges in your relationship, it is the way you handle those challenges in love. Most of us are in relationships yet they have no clue of the qualities love possess in their relationships, love can be challenged, yet it is kind to solve your problems, love can be challenged yet it is patient, love can be challenged yet it is forgiving, how challenged are you in your relationship? I believe despite the challenges you are facing you will hang on there and be a lover more and more, be blessed and be a blessing


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