Un-threatened Peace


Most of the times we have some people that believe that the world simply evolves around them, all they do is just manipulate everyone and they feel very accomplished by their bullish ways. It is however that no matter how much of being bullied peace remains the center and core of the masses priority and lesser of the politicians. Politicians have made their presence known but not their intentions, the masses make their presence known and they have speculated in depth of what they want, peace is what the masses settle for at a time when everything goes and the threat of a politicians seeming to be taking over. Yes it is an ideal that is worth living for and further an ideal that is worth winning for, the threat to peace can not be the best way to eliminate the voice of the masses, peace is so not threatened by air strikes, it can not be threatened by any military force, when the masses speak, so shall peace be safe.

Edwin Mathe in response to a BBC article on the US dropping the Syria military threat 14/09/13


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