The wound of Peace


There are many times politicians dent other people’s dreams all in the name of building a nation, it is such an amazing thing that most of us today believe that politicians will indeed deliver on what they promise us. It is however that today even though the politician think he has power, it is the people that make the most of the power the politician holds. Governments and world leaders have turned their blind eye on issues that could have avoided many wars that we are fighting today, it is at the expense of politicians today that the masses suffer, its not about blame but the fact, the wound of peace have been inflicted by no one else than the politics that we all play, sooner or later the masses will speak and once they speak that wound of peace will be healed, no attacks will benefit the attacker, no terrorist force can justify the infliction of valance above all no force will heal the wound of peace than the masses.

Edwin Mathe in response to a BBC article on the attack of the US Consulate in Afghanistan 


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