Unfailing Love


Most of us have been in a lot of places, tried a few things and we believe that it is vital we give up before its too late, yes it is wise to give up if you see the need for it, but may i just be of help to someone today who is about to give up in their relationship. You may have tried all you have tried and it may have not worked, may i just introduce you to real love. Love can not fail you, you are the one that may fail to love, so as you tried you did not try loving, you may have tried pleasing someone, pleasing a person is different from loving  them, when you love you give, you care, you are kind, you are patient, you are forgiving, you do not seek your own selfish ambitions. Have you tried this? try it i know it works for i am a living testimony of unfailing love, so you can have it too, be blessed and be a blessing


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