A Plea for Peace


Despite our differences, our ideas are more likely to be the same, despite the world thinking that we are weak as a people, our ideal for peace stands out, we are the most dominant force. We represent peace in all angles, politicians have spoken in a lot of avenues, it is the people that seal the vision of politicians, the masses talk and breath peace, politicians talk and breath ego. Our minds have been polluted with the notion of chemicals even though there are no chemicals used, whatever the case maybe there is a road to peace that we all travel in, no policy nor politician will degrade this road, it is so wide that policies of politicians can not cover it, strong that no politician can stand against it, it is the plea of the people the plea of peace.

Edwin Mathe in response to a BBC article on the Russian president Vladimir Putin putting a plea to the US government over Syria 12/09/13


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