Postponed Peace


We are citizens of our own destiny, we are occupants of our own future, the more we have talked the more we have come up with powerful resolutions, it may work at times, it may not so work at other times. Governments and nations today are at loggerheads because of lake of communication, this is not just governments and countries communicating but governments communicating with its own people. Sooner the politicians recognize how important people/the masses are, the sooner they understand that the only way to peace can only be through the will and the power of the people, it is only the will and power of the people that will make peace on time or postpone the acts of peace. No politician will have the power to decide on acts for peace, but the people have the right and power, despite chemical weapons being found/presumption of them, it is the people that make peace prevail not politicians, let our world be secure through the will of the people and politicians be the guide to the best peaceful world.

Edwin Mathe in response to a BBC article on the US President Obama postponing his military address on Syria 11/09/13


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