Love like Rain Drops


There are times when we all feel like we are dry and there is nothing happening in our lives, no matter how we are trying, we just cant see things happen in our relationships. This i believe is more normal because at times we find love a bit intimidating and there is nothing more to it than protocol, especially with married folk, most married people are just now in the relationship for kids and the sake of maintaining a healthy home, may i just say even in the seasons you have what we call the planting season and the reaping season, however we can not have the planting season without knowing its process, for you to plant you have to water what you plant, you have to prepare the soil of the plant you want to plant, then your harvest will determine what soil your plant came from. Now today’s relationships are in soil but the harvest proves that they do not even receive rain/any drop of it for that matter, may i just revive someones relationship today, love is needed in your relationship, exercise patience with him/her, show kindness, give attention, do not be selfish, then and there your rain drops of love will rain more to your side, be blessed and be a blessing


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