Armed Success


There are tools in life that one has to keep in order to achieve some things, a lot of us in business and in leadership have lost important tools of achieving and in our quest of finding those tools we mess up what we are already enjoying. Success is like a bullet proof/shield if you know what you are doing and you know what you have in you as a person success will take you there it will make your idea the best and no other influence will erode it away, we all should be armed to succeed get all the tools that will make you a successful man/woman be armed with success that is the only way yes the only way is you arming yourself with things that make you successful. do you have what it takes? i do hope you do too

The Value of Love


The importance of relationships both in family and in all aspects of relationships have lost value, value of disappointments in them, value of trust in relationships, further the loss of value in communication. Today if we all are to be true we have one problem or another in our relationships nothing is moving smooth, despite how hard we try, we end up messing up more in trying to fix what we think is wrong. I am not an expert in the love circles but i am a true believer in love, love should be the center of every relationship for it to work, this means love with everything that comes with it. Most of us have half packages of love when they get into relationships or in their families they just have only a certain sector of love that is of interest to them. The value of love is just getting it all, the kindness, the forgiveness, the giving, the not keeping record of wrongs, the patience and all that i may not have said on here. Please people let us maximize the value of love and love one another, be blessed and be a blessing

Attack on Peace


Most of our countries today are in a lot of trouble not because they are not fit to handle their problems, it is all because their problems are created by others which makes it more harder to deal with. Most of my growing up i have had a saying if you cant beat them join them, in the process of peace the politician thinks he/she has the power further the politicians thinks the masses should join him/her in wrecking the power of the people. Peace today is under attack from all angles of politics, peace is being attacked by everyone in the world leadership, politicians create some mess so that the masses suffer. Organisations that the masses put in place to deal with issues that represent peace are like political extras in the politician movie, may i say no organisation nor government is bigger than the will of the people, the masses will win and peace attack will indeed stop, the people will resist and soon a song of freedom will be sang not by the fall of politicians but the song of peace by the masses.

Edwin Mathe in response to a BBC article on the UN team set to probe Syria Attack 26/08/13

Resistant Success


There is that idea that you thought will work, it has not worked, you tried the other one it is seeming hard to look possible. May i just bring you a word that you may have not expected today, businessman/woman, entrepreneur and business leader your ideas need not to be forgotten about, no matter how many you have. Your time to make them work is now, that business that you thought crumbled, it is still breathing, get that thing working, the reason why it did not work the first time, it is because you were trying to see if it works, now you know it does work. Through your failures the first time, work on it for the second time, get it working do not give up on your idea no matter how it looks like. The fading means that you have to add a bit of more light to it, so it can see what you do and it will help you get to the right successful destination. Do not give up and fade away with the rest. I am prepared to re-visit my old ideas and see how i failed so that i can succeed now, success is a resistant force are you prepared to have a tough skin? i am and i know i am successful so are you be persistent and be resistant that is how success works.

Seriousness of Peace


Our ideas and methods tend not to work when we are pursued with power hungry resistant forces, may i say there are no forces that are greater than the will of the people, there are no greater forces that are stronger than the currency of peace. No investigation is greater than the mandate of peace, peace lies with the masses and no matter how we tend to investigate and threaten the use of chemical weapons, we should not forget that peace is a peoples’s train not a political train. Politicians and the world leaders have used the political vehicle to sabotage the will of the people and make the peace negotiations look unreal, peace is only serious when the masses get involved without the masses the seriousness of peace is very questionable.

Edwin Mathe in response to a BBC article on the UK and US vowing a serious move into Syria 25/08/13

Esteemed Success


There are times that we get in a process of just thinking we can archive the best by doing nothing and we think that all is normal, there is no normality in just doing. Just doing is one simple way of not giving success its esteem, success is meant to be highly rated and reflect on what you do as a businessman, entrepreneur and a business leader. Ideas start to be evident of their esteem when we work on them, working on ideas and giving them their worth is the best thing that one has to do and it gives them the power to get the best in humanity. Such is success when you get success worth you maintain the best standards that it deserves you will surely feel the best impact of it, i have high esteem on success i believe you do too

Prediction of Peace


We are victims of our own, we hate to say what affect us as we feel like the power is not in our hands, may i just say we are just afraid to justify peace as we stand with it day in and day out. Peace is in the hands of the people and people have handed such peace to politicians who in turn have no respect for the mandate of peace, despite military intervention the people will lead the way to peace, despite all the torture and aggression, the will of the people is a true definition of peace. There is a destination that we are all heading hence the people lead our countries and nations to peaceful resolutions our politicians and government leaders have led such trusting beautiful wagons of peace into wars, deception unloving peace negotiations all because of Ego. The prediction of peace is with the masses and they are the people that foresee peace yes peace in its infinite prediction is with the masses.

Edwin Mathe in response to a BBC article on the US weighing its military intervention options 24/08/13