Peace decision


There are just not enough voices out there, there are just not enough actions to be taken out there, however the lesser voice, that most people/politicians and governments have not listened to is the smaller voice of the masses. This is a silent voice, this voice is a voice that no one can ignore as silent as it is, the voice is uncontrollable, no matter what the politicians and government say or do, this voice remains the most popular voice that can not be ignored. The masses speak day in and day out, the masses protest to make their voices heard, the masses will still speak even though there are chemical weapons that are said to destroy them, yes their voice of peace is unavoidable, this is a voice of change a voice for the people, a voice for purpose. It is a voice that can not be denied yes it is a voice that can change the decision of states over a night, this voice is a voice of peace, yes the masses have that voice. The people have been making decisions and the politicians today have opposed the people that is why the world is in trouble, this is all because politicians have ignored the decisions by the people, it is due to the politician’s decisions we are in this mess today, yes its not long since the masses will take control, yes they will take control of their destiny, they will indeed take control of the decision of peace and finally a politician will become a slave to the masses as the decision of peace prevails.

Edwin Mathe in response to a BBC article on the UK opposition Party Labor that may vote against the Syria plan 

The Challenge of Success


There are goals in life that you have set for yourself however for one reason or the other you have not achieved them or are in the process of giving them up, today is your day entrepreneur, today is your day businessman/woman i am talking to you i say it is your day business leader, that  idea that you have should not go down in your notes as failure but it has to go in your notes as favorable tasks to be completed. Success is a challenge that one sets themselves, in that challenge are so many challenges that you may face on the road, the fact that you have set yourself such a challenge giving up is not an option but a choice, what is your choice today? how are you dealing with your choice? i am challenged by success so i challenge myself to take such a challenge to levels that no one in my life have ever reached, the world is my oyster if it is my oyster it can be yours too, that can only set you to a challenge the challenge you set yourself, the challenge of success

Routine of Love


Everything has a structure, everything has a certain way its done, i become a bit more concerned when it comes to love that love has no structure, this is not because love is not structured, but we the people/human beings choose not to follow the structures of love. Our relationships today have no structure routines, day to day structures that may give us direction as to where we are going where we stand both in our families and in relationships. The routine of love has been abandoned and replaced by an i can do it all by myself attitude, that attitude have wrecked a lot of us as well as our relationships, may i just say routinely in love, one has to forgive, one has to give, one has to be patient, one has not to be selfish, one has to be kind. Wow in all this routine comes a perfect love gift, i believe that you and i today may just pick a few out of this and make our love routine work in our relationships, be blessed and be a blessing

Probability of Peace


People in our world today are no longer regarded as the voice and people today are the force of change, it is however that such people, the masses are killed everyday and politicians making it look like a game. Politicians have no regard for the masses, they consult the masses who are decision makers, after they have already drawn up a plan for the people to stamp and agree on. Peace is a factor and such a factor lies with the people, peace is a need and such a need is daily addressed by the community leaders and their community, peace is a world and this world today is in negotiations with politicians to stop their quest for power and blood and live within the world of peace. How many wars are going on today in the name of peace? most of these wars are all started by politicians all in the name of peace. The probability of peace in this ration is much higher than the statistics of a common politicians valuation of it, yes the equation of peace is nearing its solvent and the masses shall make it a probability, peace or chemical weapons? after you have done all your discoveries the people will talk peace.

Edwin Mathe in response to both BBC reports on Syria, first the US vice president Joe Biden who is so convinced that chemical weapons were used in Syria, and the US and UK head of states both David Cameron and President Obama discussing Syria intervention 

Success Horizon


The scope to which one understands themselves it the scope to which their strength lies, how many times have you tried something that you believed will work and it did not, how many times have you sat next to a director in a board room and they talk about your idea as if it was just nothing, how did you feel? in as little as one person has made your idea look small may i just say to you, there is greatness in you as an individual that is the reason why your idea can not sit well in the heart of those that think they govern you, there is a lot in believing in your idea and for your idea to work you have to face obstacles and belittling is one of them, a bigger idea is more belittled than a smaller idea, thus because its horizons are just not seen even by man. My success has no end. Everyday i do what i think is the best thing for the day no matter if it looks not even good to someone that has made it in life, i am the best at what i do and i set my sights on this success and the horizon above, i know you do too that makes you the best not belittled

Purposeful Love


Silently i lay down and thought what about tomorrow? what about those i care so deeply about? what about the one so special to me? all these and the rest are just questions that lead to a dialogue in mind. Our purposes in our relationships have been lost, we are a people today who just fall in love for the sake of showing off, our relationships do not have a purpose we are just people governed by our feelings than the principles of love. The purpose of love is to give, it is to respect ones opinion than your own, understanding each other’s values and still be happy, giving the best even though you have seen the worst in a person, forgiving even the hash person who you think have the most nastiest thought about you, the purpose of love is to build than destroy. More often in our relationships we give up when we are supposed to persevere, so today whats your purpose in your relationship? be blessed and be a blessing

The call for Peace


Despite how we feel a lot of us are in a world that is full of questions and now just feel that politicians just do things in order to get more attention, life in the political world changes like a movie. Everyday there is a new script to be written, all the past scripts that we have as people stared in do not have our favorite roles, these are the roles of peace the will of the masses. Politicians have ignored the best quality life of the people, as  they have engaged in dialogues that to not edify peace, every single day a politician plans evil instead of good, the question i ask myself as a peace loving citizen of the world haven’t politicians done enough? cant they hear clearly the call of peace? the call of peace is by the people, no negotiation of peace is more greater than that of the people, its nearer that time that the people will speak, its nearer that time that political opinion will be out weight by the power of the people and this day is a day of awakening, this day is a call of peace.

Edwin Mathe in response to a BBC article on the UK government drawing a Syrian action plan 27/08/13