The Question of Peace


When we vote, we vote with confidence and pride because we know and believe that it is our democratic right to do so, however the people that we put in power become the worst choices that we live with. Today the world is in shambles because the masses are not represented at their democratic point of need, politicians use the masses vote for their selfish ambitions, the masses have began to loose trust in the democratic system they put in place, peace has no agenda in any of the politicians meeting, peace negotiators have turned the will of the people to nothing, it is the question of peace that the masses ask and today the masses shall speak, today the people shall ask the question of peace and get answers, peace is in the will of the people, no special report can overcome the power of the people, no political office abuse will overturn the power of the people, today it is the masses that speak for their destiny and their question of peace is being addressed not by politicians but by the people it is now and forever that the masses speak peace and not war.

Edwin Mathe in response to a BBC article on the US preparing to attack Syria 31/08/13


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