Peace intervention


Most politicians may think that they may have their way all the time, they are the people that have caused this world to hate, they have caused the world to be in problems. Our problems are not within people hating each other our problems are within politicians from our own communities hating each other, today its all about power demonstration than the need for peace. Despite figures and power of weapons/arsenal there are people to take into consideration, these people are the power, these same people are the voice of peace, peace intervention can only be when politicians start to consult the masses on issues affecting them. The people are near that finishing line, the people shall march, the people shall speak and that moment when the masses begin to speak thus when the intervention of peace will be, the politicians power will be eroded by the will of the masses.

Edwin Mathe in response to a BBC article on the UK parliament voting highly against Syria military intervention 30/08/13


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