Peace decision


There are just not enough voices out there, there are just not enough actions to be taken out there, however the lesser voice, that most people/politicians and governments have not listened to is the smaller voice of the masses. This is a silent voice, this voice is a voice that no one can ignore as silent as it is, the voice is uncontrollable, no matter what the politicians and government say or do, this voice remains the most popular voice that can not be ignored. The masses speak day in and day out, the masses protest to make their voices heard, the masses will still speak even though there are chemical weapons that are said to destroy them, yes their voice of peace is unavoidable, this is a voice of change a voice for the people, a voice for purpose. It is a voice that can not be denied yes it is a voice that can change the decision of states over a night, this voice is a voice of peace, yes the masses have that voice. The people have been making decisions and the politicians today have opposed the people that is why the world is in trouble, this is all because politicians have ignored the decisions by the people, it is due to the politician’s decisions we are in this mess today, yes its not long since the masses will take control, yes they will take control of their destiny, they will indeed take control of the decision of peace and finally a politician will become a slave to the masses as the decision of peace prevails.

Edwin Mathe in response to a BBC article on the UK opposition Party Labor that may vote against the Syria plan 


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