Dosage of Love


There are a lot of us in relationships that are in a state of mess, we are in a mess yet we still act as if we are all OK, maybe reasons are that we all do not know that we are in trouble. A lot of our relationship troubles seem normal because as we share them with friends indeed they look the same, may i say this, your problems looking the same or being the same do not make it normal, the actual fact is that you are all sick and you need a Doctor. Love is the only solution to that relationship problem a number of us are not lovers, we are feelers, we feel for each other we do not love, there are a lot of our relationships today that are based on pity, maybe i can say half/most of our relationships are pity relationships, you felt that there is a need to tell that guy/women you love them so you could help them out of their situation. Oh yes maybe i just said more truth right there, lets not fool ourselves and base our feelings on the part that love is kind, if you are in a relationship and you feel like that guy loves you because he takes care of your family, may i disappoint you and say he is not in love with you he is just maintaining you for your need, surely if they loved you they will appreciate you as you are, they will give up their fortune and walk in your shoes, just a bit of this today, let me remind you the dose of love is just the cause of your misfiring relationship you are not taking it as prescribed but you are taking it out of pity. Hoping you learn from this as i have greatly had my eyes open, be blessed and be a blessing


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