The Challenge of Success


There are goals in life that you have set for yourself however for one reason or the other you have not achieved them or are in the process of giving them up, today is your day entrepreneur, today is your day businessman/woman i am talking to you i say it is your day business leader, that  idea that you have should not go down in your notes as failure but it has to go in your notes as favorable tasks to be completed. Success is a challenge that one sets themselves, in that challenge are so many challenges that you may face on the road, the fact that you have set yourself such a challenge giving up is not an option but a choice, what is your choice today? how are you dealing with your choice? i am challenged by success so i challenge myself to take such a challenge to levels that no one in my life have ever reached, the world is my oyster if it is my oyster it can be yours too, that can only set you to a challenge the challenge you set yourself, the challenge of success


2 thoughts on “The Challenge of Success

  1. godfrey

    Now, we limit our challenges due to how we perceive ourselves. Never fear to set your challenges BIG, if it means changing our artmosphere or environment, then let it be…….the sky is the limit.

    • Thank you sir your comment means a whole lot to me and i am so uplifted that there is much that people learn from this blog i am doing my art-most best to make this blog as user friendly and as easy in information as it can be, i am so honored by your comment and i will forever treasure it, once-more thank you so much your comment is such a change in everyone’s life that do get a chance to be on this blog love Edwin Mathe

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