Routine of Love


Everything has a structure, everything has a certain way its done, i become a bit more concerned when it comes to love that love has no structure, this is not because love is not structured, but we the people/human beings choose not to follow the structures of love. Our relationships today have no structure routines, day to day structures that may give us direction as to where we are going where we stand both in our families and in relationships. The routine of love has been abandoned and replaced by an i can do it all by myself attitude, that attitude have wrecked a lot of us as well as our relationships, may i just say routinely in love, one has to forgive, one has to give, one has to be patient, one has not to be selfish, one has to be kind. Wow in all this routine comes a perfect love gift, i believe that you and i today may just pick a few out of this and make our love routine work in our relationships, be blessed and be a blessing


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