Probability of Peace


People in our world today are no longer regarded as the voice and people today are the force of change, it is however that such people, the masses are killed everyday and politicians making it look like a game. Politicians have no regard for the masses, they consult the masses who are decision makers, after they have already drawn up a plan for the people to stamp and agree on. Peace is a factor and such a factor lies with the people, peace is a need and such a need is daily addressed by the community leaders and their community, peace is a world and this world today is in negotiations with politicians to stop their quest for power and blood and live within the world of peace. How many wars are going on today in the name of peace? most of these wars are all started by politicians all in the name of peace. The probability of peace in this ration is much higher than the statistics of a common politicians valuation of it, yes the equation of peace is nearing its solvent and the masses shall make it a probability, peace or chemical weapons? after you have done all your discoveries the people will talk peace.

Edwin Mathe in response to both BBC reports on Syria, first the US vice president Joe Biden who is so convinced that chemical weapons were used in Syria, and the US and UK head of states both David Cameron and President Obama discussing Syria intervention 


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