The call for Peace


Despite how we feel a lot of us are in a world that is full of questions and now just feel that politicians just do things in order to get more attention, life in the political world changes like a movie. Everyday there is a new script to be written, all the past scripts that we have as people stared in do not have our favorite roles, these are the roles of peace the will of the masses. Politicians have ignored the best quality life of the people, as  they have engaged in dialogues that to not edify peace, every single day a politician plans evil instead of good, the question i ask myself as a peace loving citizen of the world haven’t politicians done enough? cant they hear clearly the call of peace? the call of peace is by the people, no negotiation of peace is more greater than that of the people, its nearer that time that the people will speak, its nearer that time that political opinion will be out weight by the power of the people and this day is a day of awakening, this day is a call of peace.

Edwin Mathe in response to a BBC article on the UK government drawing a Syrian action plan 27/08/13


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