Success Horizon


The scope to which one understands themselves it the scope to which their strength lies, how many times have you tried something that you believed will work and it did not, how many times have you sat next to a director in a board room and they talk about your idea as if it was just nothing, how did you feel? in as little as one person has made your idea look small may i just say to you, there is greatness in you as an individual that is the reason why your idea can not sit well in the heart of those that think they govern you, there is a lot in believing in your idea and for your idea to work you have to face obstacles and belittling is one of them, a bigger idea is more belittled than a smaller idea, thus because its horizons are just not seen even by man. My success has no end. Everyday i do what i think is the best thing for the day no matter if it looks not even good to someone that has made it in life, i am the best at what i do and i set my sights on this success and the horizon above, i know you do too that makes you the best not belittled


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