Purposeful Love


Silently i lay down and thought what about tomorrow? what about those i care so deeply about? what about the one so special to me? all these and the rest are just questions that lead to a dialogue in mind. Our purposes in our relationships have been lost, we are a people today who just fall in love for the sake of showing off, our relationships do not have a purpose we are just people governed by our feelings than the principles of love. The purpose of love is to give, it is to respect ones opinion than your own, understanding each other’s values and still be happy, giving the best even though you have seen the worst in a person, forgiving even the hash person who you think have the most nastiest thought about you, the purpose of love is to build than destroy. More often in our relationships we give up when we are supposed to persevere, so today whats your purpose in your relationship? be blessed and be a blessing


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