The Value of Love


The importance of relationships both in family and in all aspects of relationships have lost value, value of disappointments in them, value of trust in relationships, further the loss of value in communication. Today if we all are to be true we have one problem or another in our relationships nothing is moving smooth, despite how hard we try, we end up messing up more in trying to fix what we think is wrong. I am not an expert in the love circles but i am a true believer in love, love should be the center of every relationship for it to work, this means love with everything that comes with it. Most of us have half packages of love when they get into relationships or in their families they just have only a certain sector of love that is of interest to them. The value of love is just getting it all, the kindness, the forgiveness, the giving, the not keeping record of wrongs, the patience and all that i may not have said on here. Please people let us maximize the value of love and love one another, be blessed and be a blessing


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