Attack on Peace


Most of our countries today are in a lot of trouble not because they are not fit to handle their problems, it is all because their problems are created by others which makes it more harder to deal with. Most of my growing up i have had a saying if you cant beat them join them, in the process of peace the politician thinks he/she has the power further the politicians thinks the masses should join him/her in wrecking the power of the people. Peace today is under attack from all angles of politics, peace is being attacked by everyone in the world leadership, politicians create some mess so that the masses suffer. Organisations that the masses put in place to deal with issues that represent peace are like political extras in the politician movie, may i say no organisation nor government is bigger than the will of the people, the masses will win and peace attack will indeed stop, the people will resist and soon a song of freedom will be sang not by the fall of politicians but the song of peace by the masses.

Edwin Mathe in response to a BBC article on the UN team set to probe Syria Attack 26/08/13


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