Resistant Success


There is that idea that you thought will work, it has not worked, you tried the other one it is seeming hard to look possible. May i just bring you a word that you may have not expected today, businessman/woman, entrepreneur and business leader your ideas need not to be forgotten about, no matter how many you have. Your time to make them work is now, that business that you thought crumbled, it is still breathing, get that thing working, the reason why it did not work the first time, it is because you were trying to see if it works, now you know it does work. Through your failures the first time, work on it for the second time, get it working do not give up on your idea no matter how it looks like. The fading means that you have to add a bit of more light to it, so it can see what you do and it will help you get to the right successful destination. Do not give up and fade away with the rest. I am prepared to re-visit my old ideas and see how i failed so that i can succeed now, success is a resistant force are you prepared to have a tough skin? i am and i know i am successful so are you be persistent and be resistant that is how success works.


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