Prediction of Peace


We are victims of our own, we hate to say what affect us as we feel like the power is not in our hands, may i just say we are just afraid to justify peace as we stand with it day in and day out. Peace is in the hands of the people and people have handed such peace to politicians who in turn have no respect for the mandate of peace, despite military intervention the people will lead the way to peace, despite all the torture and aggression, the will of the people is a true definition of peace. There is a destination that we are all heading hence the people lead our countries and nations to peaceful resolutions our politicians and government leaders have led such trusting beautiful wagons of peace into wars, deception unloving peace negotiations all because of Ego. The prediction of peace is with the masses and they are the people that foresee peace yes peace in its infinite prediction is with the masses.

Edwin Mathe in response to a BBC article on the US weighing its military intervention options 24/08/13


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