The Need For peace


We have accepted a lot of things not because we want to accept them, our governments and leaders know their way around the political road hence some that are new to these are just in it for no reason. We have cried years and years for change and change does not come even if it is slight change, it is indeed today what we crave for, we hanger for change yet our voices of change are not heard. Peace is more than what we need to negotiate change and change cries for peace to intervene so people can be heard and people’s voices can be respected, the need for peace is that the will of the people that has no fraud in it be respected and change be given, given to the people that deserves it, the nation that is in tears crying for peace, yes diamonds may not be enough, yes our natural resources may not buy peace but the world has to give in to the voice of the masses that is where the need for peace has to be addressed.

Edwin Mathe in response to a BBC article on the inauguration of Robert Mugabe inn Zimbabwe 22/08/13


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