Shining Love


Once a song, once a desire, once an aspiration, love is what i aspire, love is a song that i wish i could sing, love seems like a desire, where have i gone wrong?, what have i done wrong? who have i wronged? these are such questions we tend to have when relationships are nearly crumbling or have crumbled, may i just help someone today if you are in the verge of crushing down, love has its qualities and if you work with them today you can save your relationship, you can save your marriage, ill first talk to men, your pride needs to be swallowed go and just say that painful word sorry, remember love forgives, this is your only ticket to salvaging the remains of your relationship, to the women may i just say stop talking and start doing what you got to do to save your relationship, stop listening to your friends they are not you, start working on how to get your man get his attention make him see that you are changing that is just a simple way of getting it working again. Forgiveness is the light that shines bright and brings that shine on love, people lets love and forgive one another. be blessed and be a blessing


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