Weight of Peace


In most cases we as a people decide what we want, it is however that our decisions are not made manifest by those that lead us, our understanding of policy making is such strong that even governments and leaders are afraid to consult us as the masses on matters that concern peace. Politicians and leaders of the world have ignored the very important players in the peace negotiations which are the masses, now politicians and governments are using offices that where given to them by the masses to market their agendas. The weight of peace lies with the masses, no bomb/atomic missile can outweigh peace, no detention/prison can make the weight of peace less than what its meant to be, despite torture, imprisonment, chemical weapons, peace has its weight grow day by day, its stronger and it is now evident that the will of the masses is the weight of peace.

Edwin Mathe in response to a BBC article on Chemical attacks near Damascus 21/08/13 


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