Random Peace


We are a people, we depend on each other in all aspects of life, despite what we may think we have accomplished i personally believe that no one would have done what they are doing/done without the help of someone. It is however that today in the world of politics people are no longer regarded and encouraged to love and live together, world leaders and Governments have held at ransom the will of peace hence destroying the trust of people as well as crushing the will of Peace. Peace can not be defined as betrayal, hence peace can not be defined as what we believe in as leaders but what we all believe in as nations, despite leaders of organisations that are powerful/weak being held the will of peace is random, no matter how governments portray goodness in the outside world while its people suffer, peace will prevail and randomly show up, the will of the people is random and the will of the people as random as it is, it signifies the will of peace.

Edwin Mathe in response to a BBC article on the capture of the Muslim Brotherhood leader in Egypt 20/08/13


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