Bond of Love


I sit at times and wonder how on earth do we hate, i try to understand the reasons behind hatred, i seem not to get it, most of us go in relationships in the name of love, not in love. Let me try and help someone today, you are so stressed as to what will happen to your relationship if she/he says we are done. May i just ask a question to someone today, if something is done it means its finished its complete, so how on earth do you ref-fare to the ending of something as done, simple your relationship just ended so there is no need to hate, would you hate a car for running out of gas/petrol? so this is what we lake as people we think that being in a relationship is just asking someone out and when they say yes that is it you guys are in love, may i just say that you guys just share a favor you are not in love because once you are finished with your relationship you end those favors, love bonds people together it does not break them apart, be blessed and be a blessing


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