The Honor of Success


The level at which we travel will determine the direction to which we are heading, the distance that we travel will determine the purpose of our destiny, the amount of time we spend on the journey determines the value of the destination. A lot of us today have half finished ideas and they think that it is normal to have them that way, i personally believe in finishing what i start, i am a bold man when it comes to my valuable decisions, i am a winner and that is the reason of success, success and winning are in the same level. Success looks for those that are determined to get to the top and once they are there success craves for those that are still believing top is not just enough, success desperately seeks those that want the highest of its honor, i am and i am not comfortable being at the top, i want more, i aim for more and i get more i am so hungry for more trust me i am not greedy because i want to give more, that i crave for the highest honor of success, do you?


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