Ambushed Peace


In life we have to be straight, we have to walk tall and walk proud, it is however that our governments and leaders rate the masses as a scale of threat than a scale of peace. Our leaders once they are put in leadership by the masses they do what they want instead of what the masses want, i am so much touched by what the world has turned to be, people are no longer respected and represented by those that they vote in power, western worlds act on things that do not give value to those that keep them going, developing worlds keep power like they hang on to their kingdoms. Peace has no shorter route, neither its long route can be ambushed, its only the will of the people that yields peace and without that will of the masses then peace is like a history story that we are still fantasizing on.

Edwin Mathe in response to a BBC article on an Egyptian Police ambushed in Sinai 19/08/13


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