Unforgotten Peace


Our wounds may heal but we remain with scars to show that there was once a wound where the scar is, humanity have suffered long enough in the hands of politicians, may i just note, our beliefs are not the cause for chaos around the world, however politicians and world leaders as well as governments have made our differences their priority and they have managed to divide us and they are celebrities instead of servants that serve the people. Peace is about unity in differences, uniting fronts that are not working together or believing things that are the same, peace is knowing to appreciate one’s beliefs and still live with yours, peace has nothing to do with religion it has something to do with raising up as a people with our religious beliefs to give one another a chance of saying what our religion say about togetherness. Peace can not be forgotten even though you shut the masses, peace will not be forgotten despite the bulldozers hacking protesters shakes, the will of peace will continue even if ousting one president to another is the order of the day as long as peace is not the agenda the ousting will continue and the people will protest, yes peace is the will of the people and it will never and i say never be forgotten it leaves a mark that humanity want left.

Edwin Mathe in response to both BBC articles one on Protests planned in Egypt on Friday 16/08/13 and the Marikana Memories in South Africa 16/08/13


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