Love Story


Most of our people suffer because they feel no one has heard/no no listens, we die in relationships because both of us or all of us in a relationship have a story to tell, beautiful, frustrating, humiliating whatever the story is, it has to be told in order for love to give way. I am a product of being despised even by my own biological father, most people may take that as encouragement and that my father loved me? maybe its an African way of encouragement and a very strange way of loving, yet today i stand and talk love, yes the love that never keeps record of wrongs, yes the love that forgives, i am talking about the same love that gives, both attention and material gifts. Notice that when you tell your story it allows you in a relationship to mend what your relationship is dented on to making it smoother by day, let us all know how to tell our stories so that we all forgive and learn to love afresh, this only can be told to you in love and this only can make sense to you as a love story, i told mine i know you are burning to tell yours to your wife, partner, brother, sister, mother and father and i know you will be blessed as well as being a blessing


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