Success Trust


So many of our businesses today have problems not because we are not able to manage, all because we are not able to trust the product that we have invested in, a lot of our businesses today are just like trial and error kind of things. May i just simply applaud you as a person if you believe in a trial and error stuff, this i say because it shows you love taking risks, yes people that have survived on risks tell you that in business you take risks, i beg to differ, you never take a risk in what you do not believe in. Let me just say what is a risk? you are putting yourself or your idea in perimeters of no comfort and just wish that you will survive, to me that is living in fantasy. Success is about belief, it is about trust, whatever idea you have you should not risk it in any avenue, trust the avenues you are travelling in with your idea/business. Have plans that you trust will work for your business/idea please don’t be fooled into taking risks where your idea is trusted, do not try what you did not plan, but plan what to try. That in a simple sense i call success trust, i trust where i am at the moment and i trust that what i have done now will give me a yield tomorrow, do you trust success, such that it trusts you as well?


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