Crackdown of Peace


A lot of our world today is such a deserted place, we crave so much to have what we thought best for our nations, children and families, this is however the dream of every citizen in Afghanistan, Sudan, Iraq and all these other countries that are so ravaged by war. Politicians and governments around the world have just not played their role in what needs to to be addressed in our nations, everyday one politician or the other is promising the masses heaven and earth, bread and butter issues yet they forget what really the masses want. The world want nothing but peace and not only a speech of peace but a full package of peace both in speech and in action. Today Egypt is dark because of the government cracking down on peace, they have implemented fear in the masses who know what they want, killed people that believe in peace, because peace is not relevant anymore in a politicians agenda, may i say today the road to peace is full of thorns and the more pricks those thorns the more prepared the masses are to walk this road, no politician, no government can crackdown the will of the masses, neither no politician or government can crackdown peace. Peace stands and peace prevails and soon yes soon the will of the people will speak and the power of peace will take over.

Edwin Mathe in response to a BBC article on Cairo Streets quiet after military clean up 15/08/2013


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