Attentive Love


I have observed the best things and the bad things that we as a people are fond of doing, we have as a people developed habits that we have praised even though they are not good habits, this is simply because we are just people. Most of us suffer in relationships not because we are not able to give, we suffer because we are not able to simply give attention, may i just help someone in this blog love gives and when it is said that love gives it does not only mean gifts, like fragrance, jewelry, chocolates and stuff it means that love also gives attention. Your family, your relationship can only work well when you simply listen, a lot of us have a problem with our listening, we miss important things in love because we are just not bothered to listen. Listen please listen and stay in love that is the correct lane when you are driving in love, listen yes listen pay attention, remember people lets love one another and be blessed as well as being a blessing


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