Unrespected Peace


Most of the time we cry and we often want great things in life and when those things that we so cry for finally come, we become insecure in them, Governments and world leaders, today crave for nothing more than power and fame. Leaders and politicians in today’s world have got no love for the will of the people all they are concerned about is just ego, power and fame. People are tired of fighting one another for the sake of one politician or the other, people are craving for peace, are there any politicians out there who really understand what people go through? there is a need for peace and that need is being sidelined for all these selfish ambitions, we do not have a conscience anymore, we enjoy it when we as leaders course conflicts, why the conflicts why not respect the will of peace and understand that the people speak and if they do they need to be listened, peace can only be when respect to it is given.

Edwin Mathe in relation to a BBC article on the bloodshed in the streets of Cairo in Egypt 14/08/13


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