Returns of Love


A lot of us are in relationships that we definitely feel are not worth it, we tend to pretend as if everything is cool and good and all that good stuff that we want to make our relationship look like. The truth remains you are not happy in your relationship and you do not want to admit it, if you start realizing that you are not happy and confront the issues that you are not happy about, may i just say the next relationship you have will identically be the same you will continue crying and mourning and running in and out of relationships, have you ever just stopped to think what if its me? if that question has ever popped up in your life then start thinking about issues that you are afraid of in your life. Love can give you the returns that you desire if only you can understand what you are afraid to confront, this theory has personally helped me, as i have always assumed that people will think the way i think and they would do the things i expect them to do, from now on i believe that my love bank in this area will start yielding some returns. People lets just love one another and return love to another, be blessed and be a blessing


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