Simply Love


There are so many of us who are in situations that we don’t even imagine we can be in, situations that have kept us in the verge of quitting our relationships, we have been cheated on, hurt and been used and abused along the way. At some point i look at my life personally and think i should have just exhausted my opportunity to love again that is when i recognize that no matter what experiences i have been through in the name of love, love is just love because i still go back to love, i still go back and give my best. A lot of us have vowed never to love again but in a space of a week you are with your girlfriends and you are talking about this handsome guy how much you’ll love him if you where given a chance, men talk about how beautiful she is and if only you had her that’s it you never love again. In all this talk and watch i just simply found out one thing about Love it is just simply Love no matter what we have gone through in its name it does not keep records of wrongs but we are the ones that keep those records, lets love one another people because love is just simply Love, be blessed and be a blessing


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