Settlement For Peace


We have to be firm on what we all believe in as a people, it is however that today we have been messed up for a long time and our beliefs have turned to nothing but wishes. We all wish as human race that one day we could walk peacefully and talk to one another in a peaceful way, to this date this has just been a wish even though global leaders, politicians and governments would want us to believe that the world is a safer place and the most peaceful place on earth. Our leaders and governments have taken time to make people fools, they have abandoned the will of the people the will of peace this is meant to be the best way and the most efficient settlement for peace that our world has to be in.

Edwin Mathe in relation to a BBC article on the 44 people that have been shot in the Mosque in Nigeria


2 thoughts on “Settlement For Peace

    • Thank you ever so much Robert i am so much touched of what you just put on your web blog it is the truth and in its more efficiency i am so blessed to have some of the people right on my blog also sharing the same message of peace, i personally believe that peace is not about what we believe in as denominations, peace collectively is when humanity start to understand that we are different in our beliefs, therefore appreciate one another in this space that we call earth or world. However that is my own opinion and thank you for sharing with me the best in the peace idea i so much value that

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