Prudent Love


Most of the times i have heard a lot of the people ask me things that i suppose make sense when i look at them alone, things like how do you love someone who does not appreciate your love, really? how does that happen? love someone that does not appreciate your love? oh my God does anyone in their right mind not appreciate love despite of who it comes from, well baby if its love i believe i am gonna appreciate it because its love baby, remember even the devil loves, you know. So here we go a lot of us today are so ignorant and we loose the best in love, we look at appreciation, acknowledgement, attention, time yes all that is good baby its a wonderful desire, but can i just ask you a question, do you, yourself love in the first instance? are you willing to give what you asking for? Love is prudent people it gives what it gets its gentle, its not selfish a lot of us are not prudent we are selfiiiiiiiiiiish never mind my spelling i said it with a passion selfish yes selfish we want what we cant give back. Love is the best gift ever no matter who from, just love one another people, be blessed and be a blessing


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