Meaning of Peace


If peace was to be named who ideally will have a name for it? the rich/the poor? we all deserve peace, we all deserve a good living, we all deserve to be treated right in our own states and countries. A lot of us today have no idea what the word peace means hence when we apply for change, the change we get is even worse than what we bargained for, leaders and governments today because of their egos have left the masses confused as to what is right in the term peace, as others hold on to power the rest of the world may talk peace but the will of the people is the meaning of peace, here comes the confusing bit, how on earth do we talk the will of the people when even the dead can also make a consensus to the issues that pertain living beings? We are a population of human beings that have manipulated the will of peace, covered what peace is meant to be with the wrong cover, we use the word the will of the people to define our quest for power. If i can say is there the will of the people when it comes to ballots? maybe in developed countries there maybe, what about developing worlds? may i say the meaning of peace is hidden in the true affection of people to the land they live in.

Edwin Mathe in relation with a BBC article on Robert Mugabe making his first post election speech 12/08/2013


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