Maintained Success


Consistency in life seems to be the issue with a lot of us, we are not consistent, in whatever we do, we fall and we just fall people we do not have the urge to rise again. We are so motivated when we start something and when it works we do not have the excitement to keep it going, i just discovered one thing about myself, i have decided that i will be a saver and in every $/£ i make i will get 0.25 cents/pence into my servings oh yes that is a discipline that i am teaching myself and in a space of 2 weeks i have saved $60/£30 in my savings that is a good achievement and i protect that with my life. Right there, there are a lot of us that have began something and they can not maintain what they started and can not protect what they start, Success on the other hand needs to be maintained and protected, you can not want success when you can not maintain it. Businessman/woman, entrepreneur and business leader may i say your idea/business has made it this far then maintain and protect its life, that i call Maintained success, i maintain mine do you?


2 thoughts on “Maintained Success

    • Yes Melanie that is so true hope this also has helped you reflect on success in a different way thank you for the encouragement and the comment it is so valued to me lets keep on keepin on inspiring one another in success

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