Persistant Success


A lot of us have worked so hard and at the helm of break, they  give up, a lot of us give up when we are nearly at our wining point and that has become a norm with the majority of people and businesses. Today i just want to address each and everyone right on my blog, if you are a giving up person success is just begging you right now not to look its direction, success is for those that are persistent the people that are bold and believe in what they come up with, yes the economy is bad, yes our governments are messed up, but do you think that everyone of your idea has to stop? may i just say the more the difficulties you face the closer you are to making it. You are indeed the author of your destiny and giving up is like writing a book that has 10 chapters yet we have five, success is persistent it goes for what it wants are you persistent enough for it?


2 thoughts on “Persistant Success

    • Some of us Melanie have given a lot of excuses as to why they are failing they defend failure like they deserve to fail, yes a lot of times Melanie i have had friends including myself i try to use fear as an excuse of not being persistent in what i do, i may think that maybe people may think that i am becoming monotonous, but your level of success is your dream and your dream is not everyone’s dream, so fear has nothing to do with what you become because you implement it, hope this helps you in a broader scale thank you for the question and challenge i value this so much

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